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Have you ever thought of what it’s going to look like having a tumor possessing the shape and size of the well-known baseball emerging in the abdomen? So also what is the size and shape of a grapefruit going to look like? What about the football shape being played?Uterine fibroids

Well if you must know for some females, this really is what they’ve been experiencing for some periods. Women suffering from the uterine fibroids- are such non-cancerous tumors growing in the muscle liner of the uterus – these tumors could be so large to the extent of being noticed physically. As a result of this, women having uterine fibroids may appear ballooned or pregnant even when they are not.

How Uterine Fibroids do look like Pregnancy?

One among other symptoms of a woman with uterine fibroids is the manifestation of a bloated abdomen. These Fibroids manifest in various type of sizes ranging from the peanut to that of a cantaloupe, and even larger in other cases. This is the principle behind having or exhibiting an early stage conception i.e. when the tumor presses against Uterine fibroidsthe uterus and abdominal walls.

A human with the uterine fibroids also tends to experience symptoms ranging from heavy menstrual flow of blood to serious pains and pressure within the pelvic region,

Other symptoms of uterine fibroids include heavy menstrual bleeding, severe pelvic pain and pressure and similar cases. Are you going through any of this? It is required of you to have a test on uterine fibroids.

Can bloating be caused by Uterine Fibroids?

Very well it can, uterine fibroids can cause increasing weight in human and also cause bloating. If you must know 140pounds has been the largest fibroids weighed so far. As we all should know these uterine fibroids are non-cancerous tumors manifesting in or on the womb. This thing tends to vary in shape and sizes, quantity and location. The tumors could be such that is single or multiple. When the uterine fibroids are not treated in time they get grown up in size such that an increase in weight is experienced causing a bloating which makes a woman look like in her 6th month of pregnancy.

Do you think you can really go through all of this?

Available are various treatment that can actually help women get off this trying situation of uterine fibroids, but the question is, do you feel you can go through all you’ll be seeing below. I will be making you see three treatments which include hysterectomy, myomectomy, and the uterine fibroid embolization (UFE). Now let’s be realistic, have your ever seen anyone who goes through a surgical operation and gets back to his/her original state? I want you to notice as you read along that these so called treatments put in place for getting rid of uterine fibroids which sure fulfill their purpose but in return cause an unforgettable scenario. You might not get what it is I’m trying to pass across to you, but please kindly read along.Uterine fibroids

Now let’s look at the hysterectomy, this system of treating the uterine fibroid has to do with the complete removal of the uterus plus including the fibroids. Whenever this option is chosen by a woman, it is very glaring that such a woman has forfeited her life opportunity of bearing children. Going to ask you once again, do you really want this?

The myomectomy surgical system of getting rid of uterine fibroids is such involving the removal of the fibroid alone. They are many approaches given to this kind of surgery whenever it is meant to be performed. Be it the laparoscopic approach or the invasive approach. Enormous tumors often need longer incision into the abdomen.

The Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) is such that it invasive procedure is lesser compared to the myomectomy and it has to do with the blockage of blood being supplied to the uterine fibroids, in order to make them shrink. This are tips on what this surgical operations on the uterine fibroids looks like. To read more Click Here.

What possible things would one witness if faced with uterine fibroids?

If has been observed that majority of these fibroids causes no symptoms, nevertheless certain women having fibroids may encounter;

·           Bleeding heavily/ awkward periodsuterine fibroid embolization symptoms

·           Loss of blood between periods

·           Paleness

·           Fullness within the pelvic region i.e. the lower abdominal part

·           Regular urination

·           Pain while having sex

·           Pains within the lower back region

·           Problematic issues which includes miscarriages, infertility etc.

How uterine fibroids are diagnosed?

Available are several ways to diagnosing uterine fibroids. In the process of having a manual abdominal/pelvic test by doctor uterine fibroids could be discovered sometimes. Frequently X-rays/CT scans are used, on the other hand fibroids are better diagnosed with ultrasound, this is a mechanism using sound wave in producing what the image of the fibroids looks like. Also in use is the Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for diagnosing uterine fibroids.

Uterine Fibroids and Pregnancy Pain

If uterine fibroid outgrows its blood source, it is possible it causes ‘red degeneration’ (bleeding into itself) or ‘white degeneration’ (regions of the uterine fibroids experiences cell murder and dissolves or turn into cystic). These two conditions can lead to abdominal or pelvic pains. Oftentimes these pains (oftentimes temporary) therefore are being controlled via oral pain prescriptions. In some cases, pains experienced here become very severe even to the extent that it’ll require hospitalization for pain management or therapy, whereas in critical cases would make compulsory the removal of the uterine fibroids i.e. the myomectomy. With this be sure to never dream of having a child.

Problems uterine fibroids cause during early stage of pregnancy

Uterine Fibroids often causes loss of blood and an increased risk of early loss of pregnancy, still yet the study on this has not be made conclusive. The very type of uterine fibroids that most likely causes these complications is such that develops in the uterine cavity. This disrupts of the lining within the uterus can disturb the real implantation of pregnancy or growth of the placenta. Recent data reveals that uterine fibroids can also boost up the jeopardy of 2nd trimester miscarriage; however this risk seems to be relatively small in occurrence. Speculation which includes amniocentesis, chorion villus sampling (CVS) proofs very much difficult when it comes to women experiencing uterine fibroids and therefore causes complications ranging from miscarriages, contractions etc.

Problems uterine fibroids cause during later stage of pregnancy

The utmost concerns having to do with fibroids is the preterm labor, unusual separation of the  placenta, placental abnormality or fatal restriction. Whenever uterine fibroids are large or multiple growths of fibroids, the risk of delivery may get inflated. The case of placental abruption is very much likely to occur if there is an increase in sizes of the fibroid most especially in areas where the placenta is connected. There is no established fact as to whether fibroids obstruct fetal growth. A recent study involving pregnant women with a sumptuous amount of 12,000 didn’t conclude fetal growth barriers

Problems uterine fibroids cause during pregnancy

A deliberately “misplaced” uterine fibroid may make a baby lie in a transverse direction therefore an elective C-section may be adopted. Uterine fibroids can obstruct the progress of child labor when the baby’s head is positioned in a head down manner and again could necessitate the adoption of a C-section. Larger fibroid tends to cause an increase in the rate of bleeding even after delivery. Contraction in the uterus can also be caused.

Now, with every of this information about what role or connection uterine fibroids has with pregnancy, do you find any of it pleasing? I don’t think so. Most people even in the past have being a candidate suffering from this critical issue and a result has either lost their lives or had one miscarriage or the other. Uterine fibroids is such that has rendered so many people confused, most people even experience turmoil in the brain when what to do next is driving them nut, this have made happen various researches as to how best to put an end to the so called tumor growing in the inner body and as a result causing bloating and even making our women looking as if they are carrying a baby in their womb.

Have you been in the quest searching for the best possible way out of this grievous aliment? Knowing fully well that it has caused so many harms to the people at large. This is what geared me into making everything humanly possible to get the most useful info that has the power and capacity to eradicate the growth of the fibroid, which I think you should know about. Are you a victim of the uterine fibroid? Or do you have a friend, relative of any sort going through this difficult condition? I really believe you need to see the very natural remedy to fibroid cases, it’s called ‘Fibroid Miracle Program’. To know what this is about CLICK HERE

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